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Power up your business growth with guided Search Engine Optimization.

If you are in business and you 100% know you need help to show up on Google, yet don’t have the budget or trust to hire a marketing agency, then getting an SEO Coach is going to be a game-changer.

Power up!

Many times biz owners know they need to get the hold on Google Search and yet have literally NO CLUE of where to begin.

THAT right there can hurt your company’s potential as you might be missing some fundamental setups. Or! You may not know you are doing great… just because you have no reference points.

Find the answers to your questions and use your time working on SEO wisely.

Grow Your Web Presence & Leverage Both Organic and Paid Search

As your SEO Coach, we will sit together once or twice a month to check on your website’s health, statistics, content, presence, and more.

We will talk about your challenges, goals, and how your biz works. And then, we will work on ACTIONABLE strategies and steps you will apply yourself.

So, instead of not taking action, or getting into the weeds, you get to LEARN, DO, UNDERSTAND and bring CLARITY to your business.

The difference? Instead of spending hours and hours “reading stuff” online, and not knowing how to apply them, you will see the specifics that apply to your business and will end up each session knowing what to do next.

I swear I’ve met with business owners fretting over why they are getting no visits. And the issue was that they didn’t even have the most basic setups ready. And that’s totally understandable! No one is an expert at everything.

SEO is a revenue-generating investment.

Grow your leads. Gain traction. Boost your client base.

Grow your leads. Gain traction. Boost your client base.

Once or twice a month – depending on your pace and schedule – we will jump on a video call and go through the good, the bad, and the ugly of your business’s online presence.

By the end of our session, you will have actionable steps, an ongoing strategy, an understanding of how things are working, and a bit of “homework.”

Your SEO Coach Package

1 Monthly 75 minutes call
(or 2, 40 minutes call) including:

$ 165 NZD* (one-off)
$ 450 NZD* (x3 calls bundle)

*Fee in NZD can be converted to USD, AUD, and CAD

SEO Coach - FAQ

Even though you are welcome to book a one-off, SEO is a process so it’s much better to book at least a bundle of three sessions. For better results, I recommend from 6 to 9 sessions.

Once you send the contact form, I’ll get in touch with you to arrange a Discovery Call – at no cost, no strings attached. This is a 30-minute call in which I will ask you some questions about your business and listen to your goals and challenges. We will even start looking at the specifics, so come prepared for receiving lots of value right off the bat.

If you are happy to take the next step, I will send you a simple agreement form. Once we are all set, we will schedule our first official call.

These SEO coaching sessions are structured for us to go through priorities, “quick wins” (these are easy things you can do that can start shielding results), strategy, and education. Of course, these can all look different depending on where you are on your business and online journey.

From my experience working with business owners, people feel empowered and confident by the end of our sessions. How so? Because they get to understand concepts and tricks they’ve seen everywhere but had no clue how to start working on.

Happy money is my type of money! If you feel you didn’t get enough value after our first paid session, I will issue you a refund.

Enjoy growing your business.

Unlock the potentital of your site, your online presence and your business.